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Demolition & Removal of Job Site Concrete

Choose Apple Coring & Sawing in Kenilworth, New Jersey, for all your concrete needs, including concrete coring, drilling, demolition, and removal. We do it all at prices that can't be beat. Let our knowledge, timeliness, and dependability prove we're the best in the industry. Learn more about our services.

Core Drilling
We core a hole in a floor either vertically or horizontally for conduit and/or pipe installation. This is quite common in restoration work and in new construction of residential or commercial buildings.

Road Sawing
Many times, utility contractors need to put in storm drains or new fiber optics, or perform other kinds of utility work. Our crew cuts the roadway and removes the concrete to make room for the contractors to be able to do their job.

Wall Sawing
This service is for foundations or walls that need cutting in order to make room for a new doorway or window. Any kind of wall sawing you need, we handle.

Wire Sawing
Wire sawing is used to gain access through structures such as bridge abutments. This can also be a wall, concrete slab, or a beam that is more than 24 inches deep. We cut through any thickness within a wall or foundation.

Demolition & Removal
Along with the above services, we offer concrete demolition once we're through with a job. There is often debris when drilling or cutting, so we remove all concrete debris from the job site.